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Mobile Text

First Citizens Mobile Text allows you to use your cell phone to access eligible accounts using SMS: 

  • Check your account balances (for eligible accounts) 
  • View a list of your most recent account activity 
  • Transfer funds between eligible accounts                  
  • Receive account alerts
To use First Citizens Mobile Text you need the following: 
  • To be registered for First Citizens Online Banking 
  • To have a verified mobile device 
  • To have a mobile device that supports SMS or Text Messaging 

What are Commands and how do I use them? 

Commands are the SMS you send from your mobile device to First Citizens to request your account information or transfer money between your eligible accounts. After you have verified your mobile phone number, send a SMS to the First Citizens Mobile Text short code 43262 (4FCMB) using one of the commands. 
Each of these quick codes will request an SMS with the information shown below :

Command What it does
Bal Get the balance of your default account
Bal Nickname E.g. Bal Sav1 Get the balance for your registered account with this nickname
Bal All Get the balance for all your registered accounts
Hist Get a list of the most recent posted transactions on your default registered account
Hist Nickname E.g Hist Sav1      Get a list of the most recent posted transactions on your registered account with this nickname
More Get next page of transactions from statement history
Tran Transfer funds between accounts registered for the service
Tran Nickname1 Nickname2 Amount  Transfer stated amount from a specific nicknamed account to a second nicknamed account. E.g.  transfer $500 from Savings Account 1 to Chequing Account 1
Stop Will unsubscribe your mobile device from receiving First Citizens Alert messages
Help To receive information for query resolution


Sending Commands: 

Using Mobile Text is as simple as sending a short command via SMS to the First Citizens shortcode 43262 (4FCMB)
  • Type “Bal Sav1” as a SMS. The format to be used is Bal (space) account_nickname 
  • Send to shortcode 43262 (4FCMB) 
  • You will receive a SMS which will state the available balance on the account you nicknamed as Sav1.
When you send First Citizens a SMS, make sure you send it to the First Citizens Mobile Text short code 43262 (4FCMB). You may be able to store this number in your mobile contacts or address book just like a regular phone number. 


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