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About Our Logo

History of Our Logo

First Citizens recently embarked on a rebranding initiative, and this included a change in our logo. Our old logo was designed by one of our very own employees, Ms. Anna Assiu.

The old logo signified the following:

  • The three banks (Trinidad Co-operative Bank, Worker's Bank and National Commercial Bank) each represented by one band of the logo mark.
  • Unity is symbolised by the coming together of these bands.
  • The upward thrust indicates the advancement of ideas, a new era in banking and the spirit of self-determination and aspiration.
  • Growth and prosperity are symbolised by the rich green colour, while the unity is further strengthened by one colour scheme.
  • The well-balanced stance of the logo mark is symbolic of the strength and stability of First Citizens.


First Citizens Rebranding Initiative

  • Over the past twelve years, First Citizens has evolved and shaped itself into one of the leading and most dynamic forces in financial services. It has also become a pioneer in partnerships between corporations and social, cultural and community groups thanks to the work of the First Citizens Team.
  • To recognise, represent and inspire on-going evolution, the First Citizens Group has taken the initiative to adapt and advance our corporate colours, symbol and name. We welcome you to join us in a future that is equally integrated, colourful and dynamic.


Our New Logo

First Citizens recently embarked on a rebranding initiative, and this included a change in our logo. Our logo is not merely a visual representation of our brand, our logo is a symbol of innovation and leadership and our flexible nature.

Our new logo builds on the existing symbol, the weaving accommodates the desire to showcase cooperation and multicultural nature, embracing different solutions and different client capabilities.



The Meaning

  • The Logo: The coming together of customer needs and our strength moving upwards towards success.
  • The Colours: Represent the territories in which we do business, the diversity of our culture and the vibrancy and strength we employ to ensure success.

Recently our logo was recognised by the most respected international design publication - Logo Lounge. First Citizens was congratulated as a very competitive and exceptional selection.


The Rationale

"Our new brand logo is made up of arches reaching upward all striving towards a common goal … success. They cross paths in the middle as they speak to:

  • The commonalities of the territories in which we do business
  • The diversity of local culture that makes us such a unique society
  • The coming together of many different people
  • The range of competitive products and services we offer to customers

The colours of the logo are representative of:

  • The jamboree of colours we find in our heritage
  • The beauty of nature that surrounds us
  • The fiery conviction and strength of purpose that give us the ability to meet customers needs and succeed."



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