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Branch Managers

Arima: Kurt Phipps

Canaan: Andrea Tuitt

Chaguanas: Russel Bachan

Couva: Edwin Chariah

Gulf View: Zorina Mohammed 

Independence Square: Gary Le Blanc

Maraval Rd: Curtis Hinkson

Montrose: Satyan Seuraj

Movie Towne Financial Centre: Stephen Pennie

One Woodbrook Place: Rachael Juman

Park and Henry St: Nadine Harding-Mohan

Penal: Andra Sankar 

Point Fortin: Elizabeth Maharaj

Point Lisas: Callistra Williams 

Princes Town: Trudy Noor

Roxborough: Andrea Tuitt

Sangre Grande: Bernadette Brown 

San Juan: Dianne Gopaul 

San Fernando: Anna Assiu

Scarborough: Andrea Tuitt

Siparia: Emerson Cheddie

St. Vincent Street: Holland Bronte-Tinkew

Tunapuna: Marlon Seale

West Court: Jennylyn Branker (Ag.)


Assistant Branch Managers

Arima: Michelle Phillips-Rose

Canaan: Arlene St. Louis- Brathwaite

Chaguanas: Coontie Ramcharan

Couva: Marcia Gouveia

Gulf View: Desmond Fahey

Point Lisas: Jilliscia De Verteuil

Sangre Grande: Savitri John

Scarborough: Belinda Edwards

St Vincent St: Lisa De Nobriga

Princes Town: Marlon Williams

San Juan: Debra Lendor-Grant

Tunapuna: Jean George-Baptiste

One Woodbrook Place: Amrika Atwell

Park & Henry Street: Denese Patterson

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