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Unit Managers

Office of the Chief Executive Officer
Karen Darbasie - Group Chief Executive Officer

Office of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Professor Sterling K. Frost, Deputy Chief Executive Officer- Operations and Administration
Jason Julien, Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Business Generation


Office of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Operations and Administration
Neela Moonilal-Kissoon, Head – Integration Operations
Larry Olton, General Manager - Operations (Ag.)
Maureen Craig-Rousseau, Manager - Process Optimization


Legal and Compliance
Lindi Ballah-Tull, Head - Legal, Compliance, Governance and Group Corporate Secretary


Charlene Simon-Thompson, Senior Manager - Legal
Trudy Mohammed, Manager- Legal
Risa Basdeo, Manager - Legal
Kerleisha Bishop, Manager – Legal
Kerisha Charles, Manager - Legal
Andella Ramroop, Manager - Legal and Assistant Corporate Secretary

Nathalia Cameron, Senior Manager – Compliance
Simone Bayley, Manager – Compliance
Kanika Charles, Manager - Legal and Compliance (FCBBL)
Nesa Evelyn, Manager - Compliance - AML
Tricia Harris-Victor - Manager - Compliance, Regulatory
Yejide Liverpool - Manager - Compliance

Christina Jagdeo, Manager - Corporate Ethics and Governance


Corporate and Investment Banking Unit
Tariq Alli, General Manager (Ag.)
Felipe Castro, Assistant General Manager (Ag.)
Dereck Ramlal, Head - Private Sector
Jeremy Haynes, Senior Account Manager – Private Sector
Nadine Paul, Senior Account Manager – Private Sector
Shane Samodee, Senior Account Manager – Private Sector
Javan Blackman, Senior Account Manager – Private Sector
Maya Allen, Senior Account Manager – Private Sector
Maria Mike, Head - Government Business
Rohini Ballie, Senior Account Manager - Government Business
Mikkel Jackson, Head - Capital Markets


Group Enterprise Risk Management
Sana Ragbir, Group Chief Risk Officer 

Group Credit Risk Management
Nesha Ramkhalawan, Assistant General Manager – Credit Risk Management
David C.M. Metivier, Senior Manager - Corporate Credit
Claude Nero, Senior Manager - Commercial Credit
Sherma Leopold, Manager – Credit II
Vurone Seepersad, Manager – Credit II
Ramesh Ramsamooj, Senior Manager – Remedial and Recovery Management
Ravi Balroop, Manager - Commercial Recovery Management
Rajiv Dookie, Manager - Consumer Collections Management
Anthony Kansinally, Manager – Credit I
Vivek Maharaj, Manager - Credit I


Group Operational Risk and Controls
Akhenaton Marcano, Assistant General Manager - Operational Risk and Controls
Joel Sookram, Manager - Operational Risk
Ife Phillip, Manager - Health, Safety & Environment
Neesha Gilbert, Group BCP Coordinator
Debbie Skerritt, Manager - Business Continuity Planning
Kimberly Solozano, Manager - Controls Monitoring & Insurance Administration


Group Market Risk
Vijay Parabdeen, Head – Market Risk
Felina Mohammed, Risk Manager - Group Market Risk
Shaun Alleyne, Manager – Risk


Economic Research
Vangie Bhagoo-Ramrattan, Head – Economic Research

Electronic Banking Unit
Avril Edwards, Assistant General Manager - Electronic Banking
Earl Cumberbatch, Manager - Operations & Customer Service Acquiring Business
Robert George, Manager - Credit and Client Relations
Andre Weekes, Manager – Accounting and Settlement
Ray Gopaul, Manager - Business Development and Analytics
Ryan Kong, Manager - Electronic Banking
Rajdai Kisto, Manager - Sales Management
Maurice Philip, Manager - Operations Effectiveness
Denise Britton, Manager - Operations & Customer Service - Card Issuing Business
Carlene Munroe, Product Specialist - Electronic Banking
Marsha Jennings, Assistant Manager - Business Solution
Valisha Ragoobar-Romilly, Manager - Risk & Compliance
Mark Cape, Manager - Sales, E-Payments & Business Development
Sharelle Davis - Channel Manager
Denise Barrett - Manager, Operations and Customer Service - Issuing Business


Finance and Planning Unit
Shiva Manraj, Chief Financial Officer
Nola Drayton-Smith, Group Finance Manager
Karla Rauceo-Hull, Manager - Financial & Management Accounting
Marcus Atherton, Manager - Taxation and Compliance
Avion Walters - Assistant  Manager, Financial Reporting

Group Marketing and Communications Department
Gillian Benjamin, Head - Brand & Marketing (Ag.)
Lorraine Hodges-Ramjit, Senior Manager - Communications and Public Relations (Ag.)
Adanna Branford-Stewart, Senior Manager - Market Development, Intelligence and Promotions
Jason Ifill, Manager - Brand and Advertising
Ashley Manswell, Manager - Market Insights and Segments
Mark Baker, Manager - Customer Care
Elyse Henry, Assistant Manager - GMC Strategic Projects


Group Human Resources
Kirlyn Archie-Lewis, General Manager - Group Human Resources (Ag.)
Janine Delzin-Burke, Manager - Regional Operations and Compensation & Benefits
Adrian Blake, Assistant Manager - Compensation and Benefits
Lorraine Guevara, Manager - Operations and Organizational Design
Sharda Beharry, Manager - Learning, Performance & Talent Development
Rhonda St. Hillaire, Assistant Manager - Performance & Talent Development
Princess Adams, Senior Manager - Group Human Resources Operations
Shashi Seecharan, Senior Manager (Ag.) - Industrial Relations


Information and Communications Technology Department
Anil Ramdhanie, Chief Information Officer
Dennis Khan, Manager - Systems Architecture
Christopher Seemungal, Manager - Service Delivery
Khemraj Bhojnanan, Manager - Database Administrator
Sita Mohan, Manager - ICT Governance
Errol Dos Santos, Corporate Manager - Service Support
Sebastian Achille, Manager - Banking Applications
Sachin Ganpat, Manager – Network Architecture
Duanna Phillip-Pitt, Manager – Change Release
Anthony Johnson, Manager - Telecoms/Service Desk
Janak Maraj - Manager - ICT Innovation
Nirmala Maheepat, ICT Solutions Architect
Divindra Ramai, ICT Solutions Architect
Ramcharitair Merhair, Manager - ICT Controls
Satee Singh, Manager - Electronic Banking Systems
Kwailan Bridgewater, Manager - Information Security Architecture


Group Internal Audit
Anthony St. Clair, Chief Internal Officer
Kevin F. Baptiste, Manager - Internal Audit
Sean Anthony, Audit Manager - Banking and Support Services
Julia Maria Daniel, Manager - Internal Audit Technology, Security & Change Management 
Maxayne Spencer, Manager - Audit
Jessica Samlalsingh, Manager - Subsidiaries
Kurt Whittaker, Audit Manager - IT


Group Facilities Management Services
Sarah-Jane Kidman, Senior Manager - GFMS
Jason Brathwaite – Manager, Property Development
Dibia Hodge, Manager - GFMS
Martin Lewis, Manager - Property Development


Group Sourcing & Procurement
Alon Cooper- Corporate Manager
Natika Prince, Sourcing Manager
Antonia Wall, Senior Sourcing Specialist


Security Services Unit
Hayden De Four, Senior Manager - Security Services
Fiona Perkins, Manager - Investigations


Retail Banking Unit
Robin Lewis, General Manager - Retail and Commercial Banking
Kurt Headley, Head - Retail Banking
Vanda Babb, Manager - Consumer Lending
Anella Carr-Toyer, Manager - Retail Administration
Cindy Goolcharan, Manager - External Sales
Alan Siu Kwan Hang, Manager - Retail Initiatives


Commercial Banking Unit
Ishwarlal Mongru , Head - Commercial Banking
Mark Parkinson, Manager - Transaction Verification Unit


Commercial Business Centre - One Woodbrook Place
Simon Burke, Senior Account Manager


Commercial Business Centre - Chaguanas
Raymond Latchman, Account Manager

Commercial Business Centre - Gulf View
Salome Ramdial, Senior Account Manager
Ravi Ramlogan, Senior Manager
Dave Khan, Account Manager


Commercial Business Centre - Tunapuna
Kevin Mohammed, Senior Account Manager
Nadine Ramlogan, Account Manager


Processing Support - Shared Services
Deborah Moffett, Senior Manager – Processing Support
Kirt Tempro, Manager - Systems and Procedures
Julieanne Griffith - Manager, Central Branch Support, Operations (Ag.)
Jilliscia De Verteuil - Manager, Central Branch Support, Lending
Michelle Holder - Manager - Payments Processing
Jason Rostant, Manager - Cash Management Centre


Group Project Management Office
Heidi Seebran, Project Portfolio Manager
Carol Ramnanan, Project Portfolio Manager (Ag.)
Joel Millington, Project Manager
Kristelle Ross, Project Manager
Linda Mallian, Project Manager


Group Strategic & Corporate Planning Unit
Khaliq Ali - Manager - Group Strategic and Corporate Planning
Anton Robinson - Manager - Data Analytics
Priya Seusankar-Bisnath, Manager - Strategic Management, Research and Analysis


Treasury/International Trade Centre
Keshwar Khodai, Assistant General Manager - Group Treasury & International Trade Centre
Nicholas Chen, Senior Manager - Trading
Karen Miller-Philip, Senior Manager - Operations and Finance
Christopher Ali, Senior Manager - Treasury
Anuradha Bridglal, Treasury Manager - Group Treasury/ITC
Wayne Rochard, Treasury Manager - Group Treasury/ITC
Diana Seepaul, Treasury Manager - Group Treasury/ITC
Rochelle Sukhu, Treasury Manager - Group Treasury/ITC
Saffia Dookie, Treasury Manager - Group Treasury/ITC
Janelle Roberts-Humphrey, Manager - Operations


First Citizens Depository Services (FCDS)
Brian Woo, General Manager
Dirk Bosland, Manager – Investment Operations and Reporting
Narda Clarke-Mohan, Senior Manager – Fund Administration and Investment Solutions
Melanie Darbeau-Ayoung, Manager – Investment Solutions
Marcia Toney-Gooding, Senior Manager – Financial Accounting
Grace Lima, Manager – Financial Accounting


First Citizens Trustee Services Limited
Christopher Sandy, General Manager - Trustee Services
Marcia Toney-Gooding, Manager - Financial Accounting
Michael Lall, Manager - Pensions Administration
Tessa Clifford, Manager - Trust Services
Grace Lima, Assistant Manager - Financial Accounting
Antoinette Earnest, Manager – Investment Monitoring
Joanna Blugh, Assistant Manager - Pensions Administration


First Citizens Investment Services
Richard Look Kin, General Manager
Sascha Syne, Assistant General Manager
Beverly Durity–Baptiste, Head - Finance
Maria Pardais, Portfolio Manager - Pension Funds & Private Portfolios
Greg Ferreira, Head – Proprietary Portfolio Management
Daniel Youssef, Head - Wealth Management
Gillian Pagee, Senior Manager – Wealth Management Centres
Leslie St. Louis, Manager - Brokerage Services
Keisha Mac Quan, Centre Manager - South
Stacy Israel, Centre Manager -North
Romesh Drakes McKell, Wealth Manager
Sterlyne Smith, Manager - Finance
Kandice Spencer, Manager - Finance
Shane Seepersad, Investment Manager
Amril Donaldson-Jeffrey, Manager - Portfolio Manager
Maritza Ferreira Ramdeen, Manager - Research
Xoceketzal Mohammed, Head - Portfolio & Investment Management Services
Norlan Gabriel, Head - Regional Operations
Amani Mohammed, Manager - Portfolio Manager
Dana Ramkissoon, Investment Manager
Andre Padia, Wealth Manager


First Citizens Investment Services (Barbados)
Charlene Pierre-Bassant, Business Development Manager
Rashad White - Country Manager


First Citizens Investment Services (St Lucia)
Omar Burch - Smith, Country Manager


First Citizens Investment Services (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
Temelia Providence, Senior Operations Officer-FCIS-STV


First Citizens Costa Rica
Carlos Castro - Relationship Manager



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