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Unit Managers

Office of the Chief Executive Officer
Karen Darbasie - Group Chief Executive Officer

Khaliq Ali - Manager - Report Monitoring & Analytics


Office of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Sterling K. Frost, Deputy Chief Executive Officer- Operations and Administration

Jason Julien, Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Business Generation

Larry Olton, Head - Brand and Marketing

Felipe Castro, Regional Manager - Central America


Office of the General Manager Operations
Nicole De Freitas - General Manager - Operations


Legal and Compliance
Lindi Ballah-Tull, General Manager - Legal, Compliance and Governance, Group Corporate Secretary

Charlene Simon-Thompson, Senior Manager - Legal
Shashi Seecharan, Manager – Legal
Trudy Mohammed, Manager- Legal
Risa Basdeo, Manager - Legal
Kerleisha Bishop Manager – Legal

Nathalia Cameron, Senior Manager – Compliance
Giselle De Verteuil, Manager – Compliance
Julieanne Griffith, Manager - Compliance
Simone Bayley, Manager - Compliance

Kanika Charles, Manager - Legal and Compliance (FCBBL)

Christina Jagdeo, Manager - Corporate Ethics and Governance


Corporate and Investment Banking Unit
Brian Woo, General Manager
Derek Ramlal, Head - Private Sector and Energy
Jo-Anne Ward, Senior Account Manager - Customer Service and Operations
Maria Mike, Senior Account Manager
Nadine Paul, Senior Account Manager
Marshia Savary-Phipps, Manager - Transaction Verification
Maya Allen, Account Manager – Private Sector
Rohini Ballie, Senior Account Manager
Sascha Syne, Head - Government Business
Sean Reid, Account Manager - Government Business
Dave Dookie, Corporate Manager - Structuring and Advisory
Tariq Alli, Head - Assistant General Manager
Mikkel Jackson, Senior Manager - Capital Markets


Group Enterprise Risk Management
Richard Look Kin, Group Chief Risk Officer
David C.M. Metivier, Senior Manager - Corporate Credit
Sharon Bullen, Manager - Corporate/ Commercial Credit
Felina Mohammed, Risk Manager - Group Market Risk
Travis Rampersad, Risk Manager - Group Market Risk
Tamara Edwards, Manager – Business Continuity Planning
Nesha Ramkhalawan, Corporate Manager - Group Market Risk
Akhenation Marcano, Assistance General Manager - Group Operational Risk and Controls
Kumarie Ragoobar, Manager - Controls Monitoring and Insurance Administration
Claude Nero, Senior Manager - Credit Administration
Ramesh Ramsamooj, Senior Manager - Credit(Special Assets)
Joel Sookram, Manager - Operational Risk
Sherma Leopold, Manager - Commercial Workout
Neesha Gilbert, Group BCP Coordinator
Abdul Haseeb Ali, Manager - Taurus Services


Electronic Banking Unit
Avril Edwards, Assistant General Manager - Electronic Banking
Earl Cumberbatch, Manager - Operations and Customer Services
Robert George, Manager - Credit Risk Management
Kandice Spencer, Manager - Accounting and Settlement
Ray Gopaul, Manager - Business Development and Analytics
Ryan Kong, Manager - Operations and Customer Service
Rajdai Kisto, Manager - Sales Management
Maurice Philip, Manager - Operations Effectiveness
Alan Siu Kwan Hang, Channel Manager, Channel Management
Carlene Munroe, Product Specialist - Electronic Banking
Andre Weekes Manager – Accounting and Settlement


Finance and Planning Unit
Shiva Manraj, Chief Financial Officer
Nola Drayton-Smith, Group Finance Manager
Karla Rauceo-Hull, Manager - Financial & Management Accounting
Marcus Atherton, Manager - Taxation and Compliance
Avion Walters - Assistant  Manager, Financial Reporting

Group Corporate Communications
Dexter Charles, Manager - Group Corporate Communications 


Group Human Resources
Neela Moonilal-Kissoon, Head - Group Human Resources
Kirlyn Archie-Lewis, Manager - Employee Engagement/Industrial Relations
Janine Delzin-Burke, Manager - Regional and Subsidiary Operations
Kysean George, Assistant Manager – Recruitment and Selection
Lorraine Charles, Manager - Recruitment and Selection/Talent Management
Lyndon Balkaran, Assistant Manager - Recruitment and Selection 
Adrian Blake, Assistant Manager - Compensation and Benefits


Information, Communication and Technology Department

Wendell Mitchell, Chief information Officer
Anil Barran, Senior Manager - Service Delivery 
Dennis Khan, Manager - Systems Architecture
Duanna Phillip-Pitt, Manager – Change Release
Christopher Seemungal, Manager - Service Delivery
Mark Cape, Manager - Electronic Banking Support
Janak Maraj, Manager - Database Administrator 
Sita Mohan, Change Release Manager
Sachin Ganpat, Manager – Network Architecture
Robert Romero, Manager- Database Administrator 
Errol Dos Santos, Corporate Manager - Service Support
Linda Mallian, Manager - Applications Support
Sebastian Achille, Manager - Banking Applications


Group Internal Audit
Anthony St. Clair, Chief Internal Officer
Kevin F. Baptiste, Manager - Internal Audit
Sean Anthony, Audit Manager - Banking and Support Services
Julia Maria Daniel, Audit Manager - Information Technology
Urmilla Persad, Manager - Internal Audit
Maxayne Spencer, Manager - Audit


Marketing Department
Gillian Benjamin, Manager - Marketing
Corelli Lyons, Manager - Customer Service
Jenelle Holloway, Manager - Product Management
Ashley Manswell*, Assistant Manager



Group Facilities Management Services
Keith Spencer, Senior Manager - GFMS
Ife Phillip, Manager - Health, Safety & Environment
Dibia Hodge, Manager - GFMS


Security Services Unit
Hayden De Four, Manager - Security Services
Fiona Perkins, Assistant Manager - Security Services


Retail Banking Unit
Robin Lewis, General Manager - Retail and Commercial Banking
Kurt Headley, Head - Retail Banking
Roma Wilkinson, Manager - Consumer Lending
Adanna Branford- Stewart, Manager - Strategic Business Generation
Anella Carr-Toyer, Manager - Retail Administration
Karen Atherly-Dowding, Manager - Retail Banking
Cindy Goolcharan, Manager - External Sales
Vashti Phekoo, Senior Manager


Commercial Banking Unit
Ishwarlal Mongru , Head - Commercial Banking
Mark Parkinson, Manager - Transaction Verification Unit


Commercial Business Centre - One Woodbrook Place
Reynold Thomas, Senior Account Manager
Simon Burke, Account Manager
Nadine Ramlogan, Account Manager


Commercial Business Centre - Chaguanas
Salome Ramdial, Senior Account Manager
Raymond Latchman, Account Manager


Commercial Business Centre - Gulf View
Ravi Ramlogan, Senior Account Manager


Commercial Business Centre - Tunapuna
Kevin Mohammed, Senior Account Manager
Dave Khan, Account Manager


Centralised Collections Unit
Derek Francis, Manager - Centralised Collections


Group Operation and Process Improvement
Deborah Moffett, Senior Manager – Processing Support
Kirt Tempro, Manager - Systems and Procedures
Hazel Grant-Chevalier, Manager - Centralised Operations
Maureen Craig-Rousseau, Manager - payment Processing
Christine Hernandez-Bryant, Manager Central Branch Support
Jason Rostant, Manager - Cash Management Centre


Group Sourcing & Procurement
Alon Cooper- Corporate Manager

Group Project Management Office
Princess Adams, Head – Group Project Management
Alisha Bertrand-Bostic, Project Portfolio Manager
Carol Ramnanan, Project Manager
Sabrina Lalsie, Project Manager
Kisha Williams Project Manager

Treasury/International Trade Centre
Keshwar Khodai, Assistant General Manager - Group Treasury & International Trade Centre
Nicholas Chen, Senior Manager - Trading
Karen Miller- Philip, Senior Manager - Operations and Finance
Christopher Ali, Senior Manager - Treasury


First Citizens Asset Management Limited
Kurt Valley, General Manager
Amol Golikeri, Assistant General Manager - Investment & Investment Operations
Greg Ferreira, Senior Manager - Investment Management
Tenisha Ali, Portfolio Manager - Asset Management
Dirk Bosland, Manager - Investment Operations & Process Improvement
Amril Donaldson-Jeffrey, Portfolio Manager
Judy Oxley-Fullerton, Manager - Marketing and Sales Development
Maritza Ferreira, Investment Manager – Asset Management


First Citizens Trustee Services Limited
Christopher Sandy, General Manager - Trustee Services
Marcia Toney-Gooding, Manager - Financial Accounting
Krystal Mulchan, Assistant Manager - Pensions and Administration
Michael Lall, Manager - Pensions Administration
Tessa Clifford, Manager - Trust Services
Grace Lima, Assistant Manager - Financial Accounting
Antoinette Earnest, Manager – Investment Monitoring and Oversight


First Citizens Investment Services (Trinidad and Tobago)
Sana Ragbir, General Manager
Narda Clarke-Mohan, Head - Operations
Beverly Durity–Baptiste, Head - Finance
Stephen Thomas, Assistant General Manager
Vishwatie Jagroop, Corporate Manager - Proprietary Portfolio Management
Daniel Youssef, Head - Wealth Management
Gillian Pagee, Senior Manager – Wealth Management Centres
Leslie St. Louis, Manager - Brokerage Services, First Citizens Brokerage and Advisory
Melanie Darbeau-Ayoung, Manager - Operations
Vangie Bhagoo-Ramrattan, Head - Research
Keisha Mac Quan, Centre Manager - North, Wealth Management
Romesh Drakes McKell, Wealth Manager
Gia Singh, Wealth Manager
Sterlyne Smith, Manager - Finance
Sherma Mahabirsingh, Manager - Pension Plans & Private Portfolios
Shane Seepersad, Investment Manager
Stacy Israel, Centre Manager
Amani Mohammed, Investment Manager
Greg Ferreira, Manager – Proprietary Portfolio Management


First Citizens Investment Services (Barbados)
John-Paul Stuart, Business Development Manager


First Citizens Investment Services (St Lucia)
Arletta Huntley-Wells, Country Manager


Investment Services (St. Vincent and the Grenadines)
Norlann Gabriel – Country Manager  













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