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Mr. Anthony Isidore Smart

Anthony Smart graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (General), majoring in Economics. He is an Attorney-at-Law who has been in private practice for 46 years, 30 of which he led the law firm of Gittens, Smart & Company. He was an elected member of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago from December 1986 to November 1991.

At various times between January 1987 and February 1989 he was the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Minister in the Office of the Attorney General, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, and Chief Whip in the House of Representatives. He was Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago from March 1989 to November 1991. Mr. Smart was a tutor in Family Law at the Hugh Wooding Law School in the 1970s and was personally responsible for drafting the Code of Mr. Anthony Isidore Smart Chairman Ethics for Ministers and Members of Parliament which was laid in the House of Representatives in 1988. Mr. Smart was appointed as Chairman of the Board of First Citizens Bank Limited on June17, 2014 and subsequently as Chairman of First Citizens Investment Services Limited, First Citizens Bank (Barbados) Limited, First Citizens Costa Rica S.A., First Citizens Holdings Limited and First Citizens Portfolio and Investment Management Services Limited. He also served as Executive Chairman of First Citizens Bank Limited from December 4, 2014 to April 7, 2015. He was inducted into the Fatima College Hall of Achievement for Public Service in 2015.

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