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Bond/Debt Financing Services

First Citizens offers trustee, registrar and other debt financing services to issuers of debt securities. As security trustee, we ensure that the agreed terms and conditions of the security are being adhered to and also provide guidance on any matters that may arise from time to time for determination. After you have raised finance through the use of capital markets, we take on the administrative responsibilities that come with managing multiple investors.


Let us help you manage the following when you issue debt:

  • Safeguarding the interest of bondholders
  • Calculation and payment of principal and interest
  •  Registrar/ transfer agent services
  •  Default management
  • Collateral custodian
  •  Administrative Agent
  • Escrow agent
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Advisory services


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  • efirst
  • Point of Sale Terminal
  • Classic Credit Card “Shopping”