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Movie Towne

A world of Entertainment

When you think of Movie Towne, Ruby Tuesday and Fiesta Plaza, you think, “Oh, what an experience” and that is exactly the impression that the visionary behind these businesses wants you to have. Equally as appealing as the businesses he’s built, Derek Chin, the entrepreneur is always up to new and exciting challenges.

One challenge was the expansion of Movie Towne into Guyana a project funded by First Citizens making Movie Towne a multinational company. But the buck doesn’t stop there, if all goes as planned Mr. Chin’s next project will be a cultural district entitled, ‘Streets of the World’. The area promises to showcase the rich history of our country, our culture and our people’s talents. Mr. Chin said of the venture “that is set to make Trinidad the gem of the Caribbean.” First Citizens looks forward to partnering on this project.

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