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Forever After

The Forever After is a non-traditional bridal registry which allows invited guests to give a monetary gift to the Bride & Groom.

Monetary Gifts are used to purchase units in either the Abercrombie TTD Monthly Fixed Income Fund or the Paria USD Monthly Fixed Income Fund.


How does it work?

Gift cards are given to couple, which can be included in wedding invitations, inviting guests to make a monetary gift deposit. Couples may ask for as many cards as they need. Cards are free of charge. 


Benefits of the Forever After

  • Returns calculated daily and credited monthly
  • No penalties on withdrawals
  • It provides a sound financial start for couples embarking on their new life together
  • This fund can later be held as collateral for loans
  • Couples receive professional management of funds without the burden of record keeping


  • Classic Credit Card “Shopping”
  • Card Safety Tips
  • E first
  • Contact Centre
  • Point of Sale Terminal