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El Tucuche Fund

Generate superior returns with the El Tucuche Fund!
The El Tucuche Fund is a fixed income mutual fund with an objective to generate returns superior to all TT$ registered money market mutual funds in Trinidad and Tobago while providing an acceptable level of risk.
This Fund is an open end fund and accordingly there are no limits to the number of units which may be issued. The fund, however, does allow for the conversion to a close end fund at the discretion of the Trustee.
The El Tucuche invests at least 80% of its assets in fixed/ debt securities which include certificates of deposits and bonds. The fund is built to accommodate medium to long-term needs. Due to the nature of the investments, greater returns will be achieved by investing for a longer period. The El Tucuche also generates quarterly returns which can either be reinvested, paid via cheque or credited to an existing account.

Download El Tucuche Brochure


  • TT Dollar denominated Fixed Income Fund
  • Quarterly statements issued for monitoring growth on the fund 
  • Returns are quarterly in the form of dividends (15th January, April, July and October) 
  • Option to access or reinvest dividends 
  • No early redemption charges
  • Initial Investment - $1,000 
  • Subsequent Minimum Subscription - $100
* Investments are neither insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation nor guaranteed by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago or First Citizens.

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