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Paria Fund

Enjoy greater returns from your US dollars!
The Paria Monthly Fixed Income Fund is an open-ended fund denominated in United States Dollars (US$). This means that the number of units issued vary daily. 
The Fund’s investment objective is to seek in the first instance, income through investment in a range of short to intermediate term high quality debt instruments such as treasury bills and notes, certificates of deposits and securities of all kinds including bonds in US Dollars. 
The Paria Monthly Fixed Income Fund is designed to cater to the short-term needs of our customers with a low risk tolerance as well as to the foreign exchange needs of our clients. 

Download Paria Fund Brochure 


  • US Dollar denominated Fixed Income Fund
  • Returns are calculated daily and credited monthly
  • Option to re-invest returns in your fund for greater growth
  • No service charges
  • Starting investment of at least US$100, or the TT equivalent
  • Further investments of at least US$20, or the TT equivalent
* This fund is not insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago. 

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