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Tertiary Education

Want to take your education further? Want to separate yourself from the crowd? Whether you want to get that Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Masters or that Coveted Doctorate, First Citizens has a range of products that makes attaining these goals a whole lot easier. You can start with our low cost, easy maintenance Visa Tertiary Card or apply for an education loan. For further information simply click the links below.


Sending your children to college or university does not have to be an impossible dream. It requires planning. Use our education planning calculator to help you plan for those expenses in the future.

 Years Before Child Begins College  
 Your Savings Contribution Per Month: $
 Current Balance Of Any College Savings: $
 Annual Interest Expected on College Savings: %
 Cost Of College Today, Per Year: $
 Expected Inflation Rate For College Expenses: %

 ..And Years From Now
 Cost Of Year #1 Of College:   $
 Cost Of Year #2 Of College: $
 Cost Of Year #3 Of College: $
 Cost Of Year #4 Of College: $
 Total Cost Of 4 Years Of College: $
 Your Total Contributions to Saving (w/out Interest): $
 Estimated Total Savings in Years (w Interest): $

Disclaimer: The calculations given by this calculator tool are only a guide. Please speak to an independent financial advisor for professional guidance.

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