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The First Citizens Linx Visa Debit Card

We're making it easy for you to continue to stay safe, through electronic banking services that are convenient, simple and fast.


To send your new free LINX Visa Debit Chip Card, we need accurate contact information for you. Please take a few minutes to make sure we have your current phone number, mailing and email addresses.

This can be done via Online Banking in 6 EASY steps. Here's how:

1. Sign into Online banking with your “User ID” and “Password”

3. Click on the "My Home" Tab

3. Select the "About me" Tab

4. Verify your information. In the event the information is no longer valid, we ask that you update by making the relevant changes.

5. Double-check to ensure that your new information has been entered accurately.

6. Click submit and you are finished!


TTPOST will deliver your new LINX Visa Debit Chip Card and our E-Channel Contract called the “Interactive Agreement” to you at a selected and agreed location.

TTPOST will safely and confidentially return your signed Agreement to us. If you are not already registered, one of our friendly contact centre agents will contact you to register for Online Banking & Telebanking.

The process is easy and completely secure!

Having issues updating your Contact Information? Feel free to contact us via 


Debit Card Safety Tips

Remember, when using your First Citizens debit card, it is always IMPORTANT to Protect Your PIN:

  • NEVER disclose your PIN to anyone; at an ATM, online or over the telephone, even if the caller claims to be a First Citizens representative. First Citizens WILL NOT ASK FOR YOUR PIN.
  • Do not write down your PIN and never keep it in your wallet with your card, memorize it.
  • Avoid using obvious PIN numbers e.g. date of birth.

When using your debit card at a store:

  • Do not volunteer any personal information other than your ID document.
  • Don’t let anyone swipe your card twice without giving you a “transaction cancelled” receipt.
  • Do not sign a blank transaction receipt.
  • Always ensure your card is within your sight.
  • Always retrieve your card and your receipt before you leave the store.
  • Keep all your receipts.


When using your debit card at the ATM:

  • NEVER disclose your PIN to anyone.
  • Be discreet when withdrawing cash.
  • Use a well-lit ATM in an exposed area.
  • Retrieve your card when the transaction is completed.
  • Be vigilant to ensure that no one records your PIN and that the machine itself was not tampered
  • If your card is stuck at an ATM, immediately call 62-FIRST (623-4778) to have a block placed on your card.
  • Be suspicious of anyone offering help at the ATM, even if the individual appears to be a First Citizens representative.