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Auto Rental Insurance

Visa cardholders with this benefit may obtain the Auto Rental Insurance, at no additional cost each time they rent an automobile using their Visa card. The cardholder must decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) or similar coverage offered by the auto rental company. Coverage is offered by AIG.

Coverage area
Visa Gold* Worldwide**
Visa Platinum Worldwide**
Visa Signature Worldwide**
Visa Infinite Worldwide**

To be eligible for this insurance coverage the cardholder must:
• Use the Visa card providing this coverage to reserve and pay for the entire cost of the auto rental.
• All drivers authorized to operate the rental vehicle in accordance with the rental car agreement are covered.
• No person other than the cardholder or other authorized drivers shall have any legal or equitable right, remedy, or claims of insurance proceeds and/or damages under or arising out of this coverage. If the cardholder is unable to decline the auto rental company coverage, the coverage will be “secondary” to the auto rental company coverage and will be responsible for any gap between the auto rental company coverage and the damages for which the cardholder is responsible.

The AIG Auto Rental Insurance covers Visa cardholders up to the actual cash value of the vehicle, the cost of repairs or replacement value of the rental vehicle while said vehicle is in the cardholder’s possession.

The following specific costs are included in the policy:
• Damage due to collision.
• Theft of vehicle and related charges.
• Malicious vandalism charges.
• Loss due to accidental fire as long as the liability rests with the cardholder.

The following specific costs are not included in the policy [this is a summary of the exclusions; complete exclusions are contained in the policy on file with Visa International].
• Any obligation assumed by the cardholder under other agreements.
• Injury to any person or damage to any object that is inside or outside the rental vehicle.
• Loss or theft of personal belongings.
• Personal Liability.
• Expenses assumed, waived or paid by the auto rental company or its insurer.
• The cost of the insurance coverage purchased through the auto rental company.
• The operation and care of the vehicle contrary to the terms of the auto rental contract.
• Losses resulting from intentional acts, or losses arising from admission of guilt, being prosecuted or found guilty by a court of law of being under the influence of drugs or intoxicating substances, or as a result of illegal activities or smuggling.
• Gradual wear and tear due to normal use or mechanical problems.
• Losses arising from any type of hostility (including war, invasion, rebellion or insurrection).
• Confiscation by the authorities.
• Vehicles that do not fit the definition of covered vehicles.
• For rental agreements in excess of 31 days there is no coverage after the 31st day.
• Leases and mini-leases.

What happens if the auto rental company insists that the cardholder buy its insurance?
The cardholder must ask the auto rental company representative to call the Claims Administrator toll free at the number assigned to the country, or collect from any country in the world. The Claims Administrator can provide a confirmation of coverage. The cardholder can also obtain a “certificate of coverage” from the issuer prior to travel.

Where and when is coverage effective?
This insurance is effective when the Visa cardholder rents a covered vehicle and the Visa card issuer provides the coverage. This coverage is available 24 hours a day and will remain in effect while the vehicle is in the possession of any of the drivers named in the contract. The coverage will cease as soon as the rental car is returned to the Auto Rental Company. Vehicles rented for rental periods of more than 31 days are not covered after the 31st day.

What type of insurance coverage is provided?
This coverage is “primary” coverage. If the cardholder is unable to decline the auto rental company coverage, the coverage will be “secondary” to the auto rental company coverage and will be responsible for any gap between the auto rental company coverage and the damages for which the cardholder is responsible.

Which vehicles are covered?
Most cars are covered, including:
• Some luxury cars such as BMW and Mercedes Benz.
• Some minivans designed to transport a maximum of ten passengers, including the driver, and used exclusively to transport passengers
• Jeeps (4 x 4) provided they are not driven outside the government maintained roads.
If the cardholder has any question regarding a specific vehicle, he or she should call the claims administrator.

Rental cars that are not covered include:
• Expensive and exotic cars, including but not limited to as Aston-Martin, Bentley, Bricklin, Daimler, DeLorean, Excalibur, Ferrari, Jensen, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Porsche and Rolls-Royce.
• Very old automobiles (over 20 years old, or which were not manufactured in the last 10 years).
• Trucks, pick-up trucks for commercial use, motorcycles, mopeds, motor bikes, limousines, campers, trailers, golf carts and recreational vehicles.

Are auto rental reservations arranged through the VISA Rewards Program covered?
Yes, as long as a valid and verifiable Rental Car Agreement has been issued to the cardholder, and the entire transaction is charged to the cardholder’s eligible Visa card to pay for taxes and any other additional fees. The Visa Travel Money Platinum Prepaid card does not include this coverage.

What should the cardholder do in the event of accident or theft?
If a Visa cardholder is involved in an accident or the rental vehicle is stolen, he or she should call the Claims Administrator immediately. A representative will answer any questions the cardholder or the auto rental company representative may have, and will send the cardholder a claim form.

The auto rental company might require the cardholder to pay for damages with his Visa card. If this happens, the insurance company will reimburse the cardholder directly for the covered amount after the claim is processed.
The cardholder is required to notify the Claims Administrator via a telephone call of the accident or theft within 45 days following the date of the loss (an additional 15 days grace period may be provided) A toll free number or worldwide collect number is available. Not doing so might result in denial of the claim.

What does the cardholder need from the auto rental company in order to submit a claim?
As soon as the accident occurs or the cardholder returns the rental vehicle, he or she must request the following from the auto rental company:
• A copy of the Accident Report and a completed claim form indicating the costs for which the cardholder is liable.
• A copy of the initial and final auto rental agreement (front and back).
• A copy of the repair estimate and final repair invoice.
• If available, two photographs of the vehicle showing damages.
• For claims including “loss of use” charges by the auto rental company, a copy of the Daily Utilization Record for the loss period, if available.
• A copy of the Police Report (if any).

How is the claim submitted?
The cardholder or beneficiary has two options to open a claim:

1. Benefits Portal
The cardholder may access the Visa Benefits’ Portal thought the link
a. Once in the landing page of the Benefits’ Portal, please click on “Login” or “Enroll”
b. Click on “Claims”
c. Click on “Create Claim”
d. Choose a Product from the drop down menu
e. Choose the benefit you need to file a Claim for and agree to all terms and conditions
f. Complete all requested information and click on “Save”. This step creates the claim case number.
g. Attach all required documents
h. Click on “Submit”

2. Visa Customer Service Center
a. Please contact the Visa Customer Service Center
b. The cardholder will receive an initial package containing the claim form and the list of documents that are needed for each claim
c. All required documents, including the claim form, must be sent electronically to
d. If the cardholder prefers to send all required documents via regular mail:
Claims Administrator
Visa Card Benefits Administration
Maipú 255, Piso 17
C1084ABE, Buenos Aires, Argentina

What else should the cardholder do?
In normal circumstances, the claim will be paid within a period of 15 days from the date the Claims Administrator receives all required documentation. However, as soon as the claim is paid, all rights against any person in connection with the damage or theft will be transferred to the Insurance Provider. This means that the Insurance Provider will have the right to file suit on its own in the cardholder’s name.

The cardholder will assist the Insurance Provider in any way, as reasonably requested by the Insurance Provider, in order to help the Insurance Provider enforce any rights or recourse the Insurance Provider may have, including the execution of all documents required by the Insurance Provider to file suit in the cardholder’s name.

If you need to submit a claim or have questions regarding this program, contact the Claims Administrator, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at or call the customer service telephone number on the back of your Visa card.

General Program Provisions
The cardholder will do his or her best to avoid or reduce any losses or damages to the property insured under this program. Please keep in mind that the Insurance Provider will not apply this provision unreasonably to avoid a claim. If the cardholder makes any claim knowing it to be false or fraudulent in any respect, he or she will no longer be entitled to the benefits of this protection, nor to the payment of any claim made under this policy.



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