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Travel Assistance Services

The Travel Assistance Services is offered on the First Citizens Vacation Lifestyle Gold MasterCard product.

As a Gold MasterCard cardholder you can rely on Travel Assistance Services when you’re away from home. Travel Assistance is your guide to many important services you may need when traveling.

Benefits are designed to assist you or your Spouse and dependent Children when you’re traveling 100 miles (160 km) or more from home. This is reassuring, especially when you visit a place for the first time or do not speak the language.

Please keep in mind that Travel Assistance Services is not insurance coverage and that you will be responsible for the fees incurred for professional or emergency services requested of Travel Assistance Services (for example, medical or legal bills).

Who Is Covered:
Gold MasterCard cardholders, the cardholder’s Spouse and dependent Children, whether traveling together or separately.

Where the Service Is Available:

  • In general, coverage applies worldwide, but there are exceptions.
  • Restrictions may apply to regions that may be involved in an international or internal conflict, or in those countries and territories where the existing infrastructure is deemed inadequate to guarantee service. You may contact Travel Assistance Services prior to embarking on a Covered Trip to confirm whether or not services are available at your destination(s).


The Kind of Services You Receive:
Travel Assistance:

  • Before you begin your trip, Travel Assistance Services provides information on travel requirements, including documentation (visas, passports), immunizations, or currency exchange rates. The exchange rate provided may differ from the exact rate that issuers use for transactions on your card.
  • Information on exchange rates for items billed on your statement should be obtained from the financial institution that issued your card.
  • In case of loss or theft of your travel tickets, passport, visa or other identity papers necessary to return home, Travel Assistance Services will provide assistance in replacing them by contacting local police, consulates, airline company or other appropriate entities.
  • In the event of loss or theft of the transportation ticket to return home, a replacement transportation ticket can be arranged.
  • If you have a travel emergency and need cash, Travel Assistance Services can arrange to transfer up to USD 5,000 from a family member, friend, or business account.
  • Please note that this service does not provide maps or information regarding road conditions.


Medical Assistance:

  • Provides a global referral network of general physicians, dentists, hospitals, and pharmacies.
  • Provides help with prescription refills with local pharmacists (subject to local laws).
  • In the event of an emergency, Travel Assistance Services will make arrangements for a consultation with a general practice physician. Additionally, the Travel Assistance Services medical team will maintain contact with the local medical staff and monitor your condition.
  • If you are hospitalized, we can arrange to have messages relayed home, transfer you to another facility if medically necessary, or have a family member or close friend brought to your bedside if you have been traveling alone (this will be at cardholder’s expense).
  • If the Travel Assistance Services medical team determines that adequate medical facilities are not locally available in the event of an accident or illness Travel Assistance Services will arrange for an emergency evacuation to a hospital or to the nearest facility capable of providing adequate care.
  • If a tragedy occurs, we’ll assist in securing travel arrangements for you and your travel companion(s).


Legal Referral:

  • Provides you with English, Spanish, or Portuguese-speaking legal referrals or consultations with appropriate embassies and consulates regarding your situation.
  • Will assist in transfers of up to USD 5,000 in cash from a family member, friend, or business to cover legal fees or to post bail. There is no charge for referral services; however, legal and bail fees are your responsibility.
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