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First Citizens Bonus Points Programme

How do I earn points? You earn points on every purchase made with your First Citizens VISA credit card. Cash advances and quasi cash transactions (typically betting and gambling) do not earn points.

Do I earn the same number of points for all purchases? No, you earn 1 point for very TT$10 spent at travel and entertainment merchants and 1 point for every TT$20 spent at any other merchant.

What are travel and entertainment merchants? Typical Travel and Entertainment (T&E) merchants are restaurants, hotels, airlines, travel agencies and auto rental companies.


What is the value of a point? 1 point is worth TT$0.20.

How do I use the points that I earn? You will be given bonus points certificates which state the number and dollar value of points earned. You can then present these certificates at participating merchants in exchange for goods and services.

What types of merchants are there on the program?

Auto supplies, clothing, cosmetics & beauty, gift ideas, health & fitness, medical restaurants, supermarkets, travel agencies, book stores, computers & technology, furniture & appliances, hardware & home furnishings, jewellery, resorts/ car rentals, shoe stores, timeshare resorts and variety stores.

The participating merchants and types of merchants are reviewed from time to time.

How do I find out where I can redeem my bonus points certificates? The participating merchants are listed on the back of the certificates and are listed on this website, at Participating Merchants. You will also receive a brochure listing the participating merchants. Participating merchants are subject to change during the course of the program.


When do I find out how many points I have earned? Your monthly credit card statement state how many points you have earned for that statement cycle. You will also receive a bonus points certificate every quarter, which states the number of points and the dollar value of same, earned over that quarter.

When is my monthly credit card statement generated? The day that your credit card statement is generated depends on the type of VISA credit card you own. Statement dates are listed below: VISA Tertiary: 10th monthly VISA Classic: 13th monthly VISA Gold: 16th monthly VISA Platinum: 16th monthly

What is my statement cycle? Your statement cycle is essentially the period between the generation of your monthly credit card statement. This also depends on the type of VISA credit card you own. The different cycles are stated below: VISA Tertiary: 11th monthly to the 10th of the next month VISA Classic: 14th monthly to the 13th of the next month VISA Gold: 17th monthly to the 16th of the next month VISA Platinum: 17th monthly to the 16th the next month For example, if the statement cycle for a VISA Classic card is from July 14th to August 13th, then the statement for that statement cycle will be generated on August 13th.

What is a quarter? A quarter is 3 statement cycles. Bonus points certificates are generated at the end of each quarter; an example is shown for a VISA Classic credit card: Quarter 1: January 14th to April 13th Quarter 2: April 14th to July 13th Quarter 3: July 14th to October 13th Quarter 4: October 14th to January 13th


How many points can I earn per quarter? You can earn up to 40,000 points per quarter, which is equivalent to a dollar value of TT$8,000.

Do my bonus points certificates expire? Yes, bonus points certificates expire 2 years from the date of issue. For e.g. if the certificate is generated on October 13th 2008, then that certificate will expire on October 13th 2010.

Is there a minimum number of points I need before I redeem? Yes, 500 points, equivalent to TT$100 is required. The 500 points can be a single certificate or it can be a combination of certificates.

Are there any other requirements for redemption?

  • the bonus points certificates must not be expired
  • the primary cardholder must redeem the certificates


What do I do to redeem my points? Choose the merchant you wish to redeem your points at.

  • When paying for your goods or service, present the certificates together with national picture identification and your First Citizens VISA credit card.
  • You sign the back of the certificates in front of the merchant.
  • The merchant will verify your identity by comparing the picture identification to you as well as comparing the signatures on the ID, credit card and on the back of the certificates.
  • Once the merchant is satisfied, you receive your merchandise.


Can I redeem my points for cash? No, certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.

Can I deposit the value of my bonus points certificates to my First Citizens credit card or any First Citizens accounts? First Citizens VISA Gold and VISA Platinum customers can deposit their bonus points certificates to their First Citizens Retirement Provider account.



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