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Let Your First Citizens Credit Card Work Harder for YOU!


How does Pay 0% interest on your credit card sound? Too good to be true maybe? 

Transfer your credit card balance from other local banks and pay 0% interest on your transferred credit card balance for 6 months and then 1.25% interest monthly until the transferred balance is paid off.


Make the smart choice and SAVE BIG.

* Offer applies to transferred balances of $15,000 & up


This offer applies to both new and existing First Citizens credit card customers. Simply provide:

(i) proof of the debt viz; letter from other bank,
(ii) salary slip not more than 1 month old,
(iii) 2 forms of identification,
(iv) proof of address in your name not more than 3 months old &
(v) job letter not more than 3 months old – for new credit card customers only


Note: If the proof of address e.g. utility bill, bank statement is not in your name, kindly produce a letter of authorization from and ID for the person whose name is stated on the utility bill being used.

Contact our Credit Card Marketing Officers at: 625-2893 EXT 2361-4 and/or email us at for personalized service today.

We look forward to hearing from you so that we can make this great offer your reality!


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