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Visa Gold Business

Support, rewards and coverage as your business grows from strength to strength

  • Easily control and manage business spending
  • Enjoy peace of mind as you transact
  • Benefit from attractive Cash Back Rewards and other Benefits




Card at a glance



Earn Cash Back rewards:
- use your cash back rewards anywhere worldwide, it is applied directly to your account so you can
spend as you like!
- 0.75% of purchase amount, credited to the account every month, thereby reducing the amount
you owe
- Earn up to $32,000 per year
Note: Cash advances and quasi cash transactions (typically betting and gambling) do not earn rewards.


Registration documents
Certificate of Incorporation/ Continuance
Articles of Incorporation
Notice of Directors
Notice of Registered Office
Company By-Laws
Company Borrowing Resolution
Audited Financials for last two (2) years




  • Classic Credit Card “Shopping”
  • Card Safety Tips
  • E first
  • Contact Centre
  • Point of Sale Terminal
  • Mobile Banking