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Visa Tertiary

Build a Good Credit History While in School

  • Credit line from TT$1,500 to TT$18,000
  • Low interest rate of 1.75% per month


Card at a glance
  • Who it's for: You're a student at the tertiary level and want to build good credit history
  • Annual Fee: TT$75
  • Credit Line: TT$1,500 - TT$18,000
  • Interest Rate: 1.75% per month
  • Proof of student status
  • Programme of study
  • Two forms of identification
  • Proof of address (e.g. utility bill)

If the proof of address i.e. utility bill, is not in your name, you are required to produce a letter of authorization from and ID for the person whose name is stated on the utility bill being used. The utility bill must not be more than one month old.






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