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Travel Assistance Services

The Travel Assistance Service Provider will make a wide range of services available to VISA Gold, Platinum and Signature cardholders who are over 100 miles from their home (except in the case of pre-trip assistance, in which case the Administrator will waive the 100 miles-from-home requirement) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Cardholders may access Travel Assistance Services through their Bank or by calling the Global Customer Assistance Center directly. The Assistance Center is responsible for routing calls, answer general questions related to the Assistance Program and transfer calls to the Travel Assistance Services Provider so that cardholders can receive the assistance they need.

The cardholder, his or her spouse, and dependent children under 21 years of age are eligible for these services.


Pre-Trip Assistance:

The Travel Assistance Service Provider (referred to as "the Center" throughout this section) will provide cardholders with assistance with respect to destinations prior to traveling, as well as information on ATM locations, exchange rates, passport and visa requirements, health precautions and immunizations (vaccinations) required. The Center provides assistance to cardholders to enable them to make the necessary arrangements in advance if they have special medical needs.


Assistance While Traveling:

Medical Assistance Service:

If the cardholder or a family member becomes ill or is injured during the course of the trip, the Center will be prepared to:

  • Provide cardholders with information and names of local doctors, dentists and hospitals where their language is spoken.
  • Assign a doctor who will consult via telephone with the local attending physician, and, if necessary, will monitor the cardholder’s condition. In addition, the doctor will be in communication with the cardholder’s family and will act as a permanent liaison to ensure cardholder satisfaction.
  • Provide the cardholder with assistance to make arrangements to pay for medical services using available credit or another type of insurance.
  • Stay in communication with cardholders and make the necessary arrangements to facilitate communication with friends, acquaintances or colleagues, as needed.


Emergency Legal Assistance:
The Center has the resources to assist cardholders in contacting an attorney, as well as the embassies and consulates of their respective countries, in the event the cardholder is detained by local authorities, involved in an automobile accident, or needs legal assistance The Center will stay in communication with cardholders and will make all necessary arrangements to contact friends, acquaintances or colleagues, as required. In addition, the Center can coordinate the posting of a bond by means of a funds transfer from the cardholder’s Visa or personal accounts.


Emergency Ticket Replacement:
In the event the cardholder loses his tickets, the Center can assist in the process to replace and deliver new tickets to the cardholder, and will assist with the process to request reimbursement for lost tickets.


Emergency Message Service:
The Center has a telephone service that operates 24 hours a day to hold and transmit emergency messages to travelers, immediate family or colleagues. The message must be stored indefinitely and may be picked up within a reasonable period of time.


Lost Baggage Assistance:
In the event the airline loses the cardholder’s checked in luggage, the Center will make the necessary arrangements to send replacement items and a cash advance immediately, and assist cardholder in the process to submit the appropriate insurance claim to the airline, if required. All costs incurred will be covered by the cardholder.


Emergency Transportation Assistance:
If required due to a medical emergency, the Center will assist the cardholder with all arrangements for emergency transportation to his home or to the nearest medical facility. The cardholder will be responsible for all costs incurred. This service includes sending the cardholder’s children home and staying in communication with family members or the cardholder’s employer. In the event of death, the Center will make the necessary arrangements with the cardholder’s family or friends to repatriate remains.


Prescription Assistance and Delivery of Valuable Documents:
The Center will assist the cardholder to help him obtain prescribed medications at local or nearby pharmacies. The cardholder will be responsible for the cost of all medications. The Center will also send any valuable documents the cardholder may have left behind. The cardholder will be responsible for all costs incurred to deliver documents.

NOTE: Visa offers Travel Assistance Services to cardholders free of charge as part of the benefit program provided by the Visa card. Travel Assistance Services provide only assistance and recommendations. The cardholder is responsible for any medical, legal or transportation costs, cash advances and other services or items supplied.

Due to certain rare problems, including distance, location or hours, Visa, its Service Providers and Contractors are not responsible for availability, use, costs or results of any medical, legal or transportation services provided.



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