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Visa Online Medic/ Visa Digital Medical Assistance

A solution to provide you a digital experience when using the International Emergency Medical Service.
If you are outside your country of residence and need assistance for non-emergency medical services, you can choose to have a virtual medical consultation without having to physically go to a medical center.

Visa Online Medic offers:

  • Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Professional certified doctors
  • Connect with any device enabled for video (Android and Iphone required application download)

Benefit Coverage

  • Core Benefits / Coverage Area
  • Visa Platinum Worldwide
  • Visa Signature Worldwide
  • Visa Infinite Worldwide

Coverage is subject to the applicable terms and conditions and may be updated from time to time. Please visit the Visa Benefits Portal, to download the full applicable terms and conditions. In this instance, the details can be found within the information for the International Emergency Medical Service.


  • paper order
  • efirst
  • Point of Sale Terminal
  • Classic Credit Card “Shopping”