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PINK Operational FAQs

Can anyone apply for a PINK credit card?

Yes, men and women, once 18 years and over, can apply for the First Citizens PINK credit card.

What is the limit on the First Citizens PINK credit card?

The limit is from $3,000 to $29,000, the same as for the VISA Classic credit card.

What is the cost of the First Citizens PINK credit card?

With an annual fee of $100, this card is the lowest cost card of its kind in the local market.

What is the reward program on the First Citizens PINK credit card?

A cash back reward program, which gives you back 0.75% of your purchase value each statement date is attached to the card. The value of the cash back is credited to the credit card each statement date and will be seen as a transaction on your monthly credit card statement. As usual, rewards are not awarded on cash advances and quasi cash transactions.

What VISA sponsored benefits are offered on this card?

Essentially, the benefits offered on this card are the same as offered on the VISA Classic credit card. Travel Accident Insurance, up to US$75,000 per person applies, as well as Travel Assistance Services inclusive of Emergency Card Replacement and Emergency Cash Delivery. 

What is difference between the First Citizens PINK Credit Card and other First Citizens credit cards?

The First Citizens PINK credit card is in the same category as a “Classic” card in terms of credit limit, most operational features and the VISA sponsored benefits.

The core differences are the contribution element, a lower annual fee of $100 for a “Classic” card per say and the cash back reward program.


Is the application process the same for the First Citizens PINK credit card?

Yes, with one more detail. As such there is a separate application form for the PINK credit card.

The applicant must choose how much he/ she wishes to contribute to the cause each month during the credit card application process. The options available are either $25, $50, $75 or $100 and this must be ticked and initialed on the application form. The applicant must also initial a clause on the back of form stating knowledge of authority to charge the card with the PINK contribution amount.

Requirements to apply for a First Citizens credit and the downloadable PINK Application Form can be found at this link: Apply Now

How much can i contribute?

You can contribute one of four options: either $25, $50, $75 or $100.

Can I increase or decrease my contribution amount after my card is created?

Yes, contribution amounts can be amended upwards or downwards after card creation via written instructions.

How often do I pay the contribution?

You contribute each month, on the credit card statement date.

When is the statement date and payment due date for the First Citizens PINK credit card?

The statement date is the 13th monthly and the payment due date is the 2nd of the subsequent month.

How will the contribution be treated and shown on my credit card history?

The contribution forms part of your outstanding balance and will be seen on your credit card statement as your “PINK Contribution.”


If my outstanding balance is $0, will the contribution still be charged?

Yes, the contribution will be charged, as the reason for having the First Citizens PINK credit card is to contribute to the worthy and important cause of “Ending Violence Against Women” whether or not you use your credit card.

Will cash back rewards be given on the contribution charged to the PINK credit card?

No, cash back rewards will not be issued on the contribution charge, only on purchase transactions.

Is interest being charged on the contribution being charged?

No, whilst the contribution forms part of the outstanding balance interest will not be charged on the contribution charged.

If the only balance is the contribution amount am I required to make a payment by my payment due date?

Yes. It is therefore strongly recommended that you use the First Citizens Online Banking Service or your hardcopy credit card statement to monitor the outstanding balance on your First Citizens PINK credit card to ensure that payments remain up to date at all times.

Are the contributions refundable if I wish to close the card?

No, the contributions are non refundable as they would have already been applied to the PINK Fund to be used in the drive to End Violence  Against Women.

Can an additional cardholder contribute?

Only the primary cardholder or the owner of the account can contribute. 


If a card is lost, will there be a need to re-establish the contribution set up?

No, once a replacement card is given on the same account, the contribution will continue to be automatically charged.

If I am already the holder of an existing First Citizens credit card, can I switch to a First Citizens PINK credit card?

Yes, a switch can be facilitated given that the existing account will be closed and a new PINK account opened with the same limit, which is between $3,000 to $29,000. Written instructions must be submitted advising of request. It is strongly recommended that rewards in hand be utilized before processing a switch as existing rewards will not be converted to cash back rewards. 

Please contact your branch or 62-FIRST for further details.

Can I convert part of my limit on an existing First Citizens card to a PINK credit card, whilst maintaining a then decreased limit on my existing non PINK credit card?

Yes this can be facilitated. Written instructions must be submitted advising of request. Please contact your branch or 62-FIRST for further details.

If I am already the owner of a First Citizens credit card and wanted to obtain an additional PINK card, in addition to my current limit, what would be the process?

This category of request means that you would need to apply for another credit card, using the PINK application form. Your request will be processed according to the Bank’s credit policies and the resultant decision communicated to you.

Please contact your branch or 62-FIRST for further details.

If I close my account before statement date, will I receive cash back rewards?

In line with current credit card policy, if the above occurs, cash back rewards will not be awarded.


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