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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “My Rewards” programme?
The “My Rewards” programme is a free digital platform designed to give you exclusivity and enhanced convenience to help make your travel dreams come through.
What are the benefits of the “My Rewards” programme?
You can enjoy 24 hour access via the “My Rewards” website or app to:
•             Make flight and hotel reservations
•             Book vacation activities/ tours
•             View and redeem your points
Where can I register for the new “My Rewards” program?
On your smartphone device:
By downloading the “My Rewards” App from the Google Playstore or Apple Store
On your desktop:
By logging into the “My Rewards” website via
How can I redeem my reward points?
You can redeem your reward points by logging into the “My Rewards” portal; choosing the relevant option of flight/hotel/tour, and then completing the transaction.
Does the “My Rewards” programme have defined destinations?
There are no defined destinations.
Can I purchase points if I don’t have the required reward points to a specific travel destination?
No. The points required is determined by the cost of the travel reward. You can combine your existing points with a credit card payment, in order to obtain your desired travel destination.
How often are points uploaded?
Points are uploaded on the 27th of every month.
How many points can I earn in a year?
When do points expire?
Points expire 4 years after date of issuance.
Will I receive monthly statements reflecting points earned/balance?
No. Your total accumulated points will only be available on the “My Rewards” portal.
If I do a large transaction before the next month’s points upload, can I access it for redemption?
No. Points are only available upon monthly system upload.
Can my points be used to make bookings for someone other than the cardholder?
Yes. Points can be used to make reservations for anyone.
If I need to cancel a booking or have a concern/query regarding the “My Rewards” programme; who do I contact?
A: You can speak with a representative “real time” once logged into your “My Rewards” account, using the “Chat” option.


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