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Terms and Conditions

  • Definitions:
  • General Program Information:
  • Earning First Citizens Travel Points:



  1. “You”, “Your” and “Cardholder” refers to the principal cardholder to whom a First Citizens VISA Platinum/Signature/Infinite and MasterCard credit card is issued.
  2. “We”, “Our”, “Us”, “First Citizens” and “the Bank” refers to First Citizens Bank Limited.
  3. “Card” means a First Citizens VISA Platinum/Signature/Infinite and MasterCard credit card and all renewals and replacements of that card which participates in the First Citizens Travel Rewards Program.
  4. “Card account” refers to the First Citizens VISA Platinum/Signature/Infinite and MasterCard credit card account opened in the name of the principal cardholder.
  5. “Card agreement” means the First Citizens VISA and MasterCard credit card cardholder agreement between the primary cardholder and First Citizens Bank Limited.
  6. “Qualifying Purchase” refers solely to any retail, signature based purchase, internet purchase, phone or mail order purchase, or automatic bill payment made with a Card for personal, household or family purposes. The Bank reserves the right to determine whether a particular transaction is a qualifying purchase.
  7. “Program” refers to the First Citizens Travel Rewards Program.
  8. “First Citizens Travel Points” refers to the points credited to your First Citizens Travel Rewards account.
  9. “First Citizens Travel Rewards” refers to air travel, hotel stays, auto rental and other travel rewards redeemed as part of the First Citizens Travel Rewards Program as set out herein.
  10.  “Travel Rewards Account” refers to the First Citizens Travel Rewards account opened in your name for crediting and debiting of the First Citizens Travel Points earned or redeemed in connection with the Program.

By signing, activating, or using your Card, you agree that you have received and read these program Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

The Program is a travel incentive program offered by the Bank, in collaboration with Visa Inc/ Visa International. In addition to these Program Terms and Conditions, your Card Agreement shall continue to govern your use of your Card and the Program. In the event of a conflict between the Card Agreement and these Program Terms and Conditions, the Card Agreement will govern, except Program Terms and Conditions shall govern in any matter relating to the Program.

General Program Information:

  1. The Program is available for the individual Cardholder issued by the Bank, the registered address being 9 Queens Park East, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies. The Cardholder chooses to enroll in the Program when a VISA Platinum/Signature/Infinite or MasterCard credit card is issued in his name.
  2. The Bank reserves the right to determine, at its exclusive discretion, whether or not the Cardholder’s account is current and should earn points.
  3. The Card account must be current in order to redeem points earned. To be considered current and in good standing your Card Account must not be delinquent, charged off, in credit revoked status or otherwise in default of the Card Agreement, or cancelled or closed by you or us.

The Bank, at its exclusive discretion and based on the terms and conditions outlined in this brochure, shall resolve all matters, disputes or controversies in connection with the Program, including without limitation, those related to transaction eligibility to earn points and Program eligibility.


  1.  Visa International reserves the right to modify or cancel any First Citizens Travel Reward, and to modify the Program’s terms and conditions at any time. The participation of affiliated merchants in the Program (for example, hotels, car rental companies, airlines and others) is subject to change at any time, with or without notice. Published point levels are also subject to change due to fluctuations in currency exchange rates, customs charges, taxes, charges and fees imposed by governments, and fuel surcharges. When any change is made, we will post revisions at the Bank’s website and/ or we will notify you in writing, as applicable. It is your responsibility to review the Program Rules to be aware of any changes.
  2. The Visa Travel Accident Insurance shall apply to flights booked using Program points. Additional charges, taxes or fees related to the First Citizens Travel Reward must be charged to the Visa card.
  3. If the Visa card includes collision damage (CDW) or loss of vehicle (LDW) insurance in the country where the car is rented, the Cardholder is required to decline this insurance coverage prior to signing a car rental agreement. The insurance requires reservation and rental to be made with the Visa card, as well as the final payment when the car is returned. For any questions regarding this coverage the Cardholder may call the customer service telephone number indicated on the reverse of his Visa card.
  4. By participating in the Program, accepting and using the First Citizens Travel Rewards, the Cardholder releases and holds Visa Inc., Visa International, and their respective subsidiaries, affiliates (including the Bank) and employees harmless from any and all liability, claims or damages arising from the use of any Reward, including, without limitation, physical injury or death as a result of travel related to this Program. This refers to you or those traveling with or without you while traveling as a result of a First Citizens Travel Reward.
  5. Neither Visa Inc., Visa International nor the Bank shall be liable for any act or omission by hotels, car rental companies, airlines or any other provider; any loss or penalty incurred by Cardholder in the event the hotel, car rental company or airline is sold or ceases to operate, or for natural phenomena or acts of God; or any services, amenities and/or facilities that are not available due to seasonal closings, renovation, natural phenomena or other similar causes.
  6. First Citizens Travel Rewards are void where prohibited by applicable law.
  7. Visa Inc. and Visa International reserve the right to cancel the Program at any time, and the Bank reserves the right to cancel its participation in the Program at any time. This may result in the cancellation of any existing point balance for which neither Visa Inc., Visa International nor the Bank shall be liable.
  8. If for any reason the Bank cancels the Cardholder’s linked account, the points in said Program account(s) will be immediately annulled. Similarly, if the Cardholder cancels his/her Visa or MasterCard credit card, all Program points in said account shall be automatically and immediately annulled.
  9. Any fraud or abuse relating to the accumulation of points or redemption of Rewards will result in the annulment of all points earned under the Program, as well as in the immediate cancellation of the Cardholder’s account. The purpose of the Program is to provide a service to an individual Cardholder, not to a company.
  10. Issuance and entitlement to a Reward is subject to Cardholder’s strict compliance with these Terms and Conditions, as well as any additional terms and conditions of Participating Merchants and the Bank. In the event of a discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and those of a participating merchant or the Bank, these Terms and Conditions shall govern and supersede such other inconsistent terms and conditions with respect to the Program.
  11.  First Citizens Travel Points cannot be assigned, traded, willed or otherwise transferred except with our express written permission and in accordance with the terms of these Program Terms and Conditions. Any assignment or transfer in violation of these Program Terms and Conditions will be considered null and void and may, in our sole discretion, result in the cancellation of your First Citizens Travel Points or the applicable First Citizens Travel Rewards account or the termination of your membership in the Program.
  12. You are responsible to advise us of any changes of address or contact information.
  13. We may share, exchange and disclose such information about you with other parties, such as participating partners, merchants or service providers, as required to administer the Program or to fulfill the redemption requests under the Program or pursuant to a court order or pursuant to a governmental agency holding legislative power to compel such disclosure. All collection, use and disclosure of your personal information shall be in accordance with the Bank’s Confidentiality Policies.

Every possible effort has been made to guarantee that the information contained in these Terms and Conditions is correct. However, Visa Inc., Visa International and the Bank disclaim all liability due to errors or omissions in this information.

Earning First Citizens Travel Points:

  1. Point earnings are based on the net retail purchase transaction volume (i.e. purchases less credits, returns and adjustments) charged to the Card during each statement cycle. Points are calculated on each transaction, rounded down to the nearest whole points, and are subject to verification.
  2.  Earn one point for every TT$6.80 charged to the VISA ot MasterCard credit card, provided the Cardholder’s account is current.
  3. Eligible charges that earn points to redeem for First Citizens Travel Rewards under the Program are charges for purchases paid with the VISA or MasterCard credit card. Transactions that are not eligible to earn reward points under the Program include, without limitation, balance transfers, card service fees, additional card fees, cash advances, currency conversion fees, insurance fees, returned items for which a credit was issued, purchases that for any reason are in violation of the law or the Cardholder Agreement, unauthorized charges and other types of fees. VISA International, at its exclusive discretion, may modify the list of eligible charges and transactions from time to time.
  4. Points for purchases posted during a statement cycle shall be eligible for redemption, upon monthly system update on 27th of every month.
  5. Redeemed points shall be immediately deducted from the balance of points in the Cardholder’s rewards account.
  6. You will receive information on points earned on your monthly credit card statement from the Bank. You can also access information on your First Citizens Travel Rewards Points via the My Rewards App or desktop version.
  7. The points that accumulate in the First Citizens Travel Rewards account are not the Cardholder’s property. Program points do not have monetary or cash value.
  8. If more than one card was issued in the account (additional cards), all purchases charged to said cards will earn points in the travel rewards account of the primary Cardholder.
  9. If the Cardholder has more than one Visa or MasterCard account, each account will earn points individually; however, points earned under different Visa or MasterCard accounts, owned by a single primary cardholder, may be combined to redeem Travel Rewards.
  10. Credits applied to the Cardholder’s account, including those resulting from returned goods or services, shall reduce or eliminate the number of points available in the same proportion in which charges earn said points.


The maximum number of points to be earned per calendar year is:

250,000 VISA Platinum, Signature or Infinite cardholders
80,000 MasterCard Vacation Lifestyle

All points will expire on the fourth anniversary of the statement date which they were obtained through an eligible purchase.
Neither Visa Inc., Visa International, the Bank nor participating merchant shall be responsible for replacing lost, stolen or damaged certificates/vouchers or air tickets.
The Cardholder accepts full responsibility for the determination of fiscal or tax liabilities in connection with any federal, state or local tax that might be applicable or result from the accumulation, conversion or redemption of Travel Rewards under the Program, including, without limitation, charges, merchandise taxes, international entry or departure taxes, customs charges, airport fees or surcharges, related to receiving or using any travel reward redeemed under the Program. The Cardholder is fully and exclusively responsible for the payment of said charges and taxes.

The Cardholder authorizes the Bank and/or the Program Administrator to charge any purchases he/she makes through the Bank or the Program Administrator to his/her Card.

The Program does not include the delivery to Cardholder of information related to documentation, visas, immigration documents, or any type of service to fill out and submit forms required by the authorities in each country. Obtaining and maintaining in his/her possession valid proof of citizenship or naturalization, immunization certificates and/or visas required to travel or enter another country are the sole responsibility of Cardholder.


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