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You’re a Winner Promotion

Terms and Conditions

1. The promotional period is from June 1st to September 30th 2017.

2. To qualify for this promotion, all applications must be received by the First Citizens Credit Card Centre by September 30th 2017.

3. “Month” as per promotional offer refers to a credit card statement cycle which is stated in Section A below. 

4. Qualifying transactions - refers to posted purchase transactions.

5. This promotion applies to all credit cards except VISA Signature, VISA Infinite and all Business credit cards.

6. This offer is open to individuals 18 years and over.
7. Upgrades, switches and cardholders who have cancelled their cards within the last 12 months do not qualify for this offer if they reapply for a First Citizens credit card within the promotional period. The date of the closure of the closed credit card account is the trigger for the 12 month duration.

8. The Bank reserves the right to determine which transactions qualify for this promotion.

9. In all matters relating to this promotion, the Bank’s decision will be final and binding in all respects.



 1. Twenty percent (20%) more points will be awarded above the normal rate of earning points on qualified transactions during the promotional period which is from the statement cycle starting in June 2017 to the statement cycle ending in September 2017. 

See details below.

Statement Cycle/”Month” 1
Statement Cycle/”Month” 2
Statement Cycle/”Month” 3
VISA Tertiary
June 11th to July 10th 2017
July 11th to August 10th 2017
August 11th to Sept 10th 2017
VISA Classic, 2 in 1, Pink and MasterCard Standard
June 14th to July 13th 2017
July 14th to August 13th 2017
August 14th to Sept 13th 2017
VISA Gold, VISA Platinum and MasterCard Gold
June 17th to July 16th 2017
July 17th to August 16th 2017
August 17th to Sept 16th 2017

2.  Points will be credited to the credit card account as per the usual manner and usual timelines as applies for the Bank’s existing reward programs.


 1. One winner will be randomly chosen per statement cycle, from a pool of all qualifying credit cards.
E.g. One winner will be chosen for the June to July statement cycle considering all the credit cards listed in the table above.

2. To qualify, 10 or more posted qualifying transactions must be posted within the relevant statement cycle.

3. An outstanding balance must be owed when the statement is generated in order to qualify.

3. The account must be open and in good standing in order to win.

4. Winners will be chosen by July 31st, August 31st and September 31st 2017.

5. Winners will be requested by the Bank to participate in promotional activities for this promotion.

6. This promotion is approved by the NLCB. As such, no staff members and immediate family members of the Bank and its advertising agency are eligible for participation.


1. Spend – refers to posted net purchase transactions. It excludes cash advances, quasi cash transactions, balance transfers, returns/credits, fees and finance charges.

2. New customers will receive FREE points equivalent to what they would have earned on their spend in the first 3 statement cycles from the date which the account was opened.

Date account opened

Time period for first 3 statement cycles/”months”

Date by which points will be displayed on credit card statement

June 1st to 30th 2017

By statement date in Sept 2017

By statement date Nov 2017

July 1st to 31st 2017

By statement date in Oct 2017

By statement date Dec 2017

August 1st to 31st 2017

By statement date in Nov 2017

By statement date Jan 2018

September 1st to 30th 2017

By statement date in Dec 2017

By statement date Feb 2018


Card Type

Statement Dates

VISA Tertiary

10th monthly

VISA Classic, 2 in 1, Pink & MasterCard Standard

13th  monthly

VISA Gold, VISA Platinum & MasterCard Gold

16th monthly

3. Points will be awarded on a maximum cumulative spend of $12,000 over the first 3 statement cycles from the date which the account was opened.

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