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Escalator Savings Account

Let us help you meet your savings goals!

The Escalator Savings solution is a savings solution that was created with those individuals who have difficulty saving. It is a savings solution which provides you with the opportunity to save for a particular goal by developing a serious plan.

This account encourages saving by establishing a goal amount and the account holder makes regular deposits of $50 or more for a 1-3 year period. This account can be used by individuals to save for a car, education, or home. Please read below for additional information on the features of this account.


Open your Escalator now!

  • Interest payment accrues on the daily balance
  • Interest credited annually or at maturity
  • Short-term contract savings account
  • Open with as little as $50
  • Flexible deposit options
  • Save regularly to meet a specific savings goal
  • The more you deposit, the more interest you are likely to earn


Insured by the DIC Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago. (Up to $125,000)




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