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nEo Destiny

First Citizens nEo Destiny is more than just a savings account! It is an account specifically designed to help develop financial skills for children from birth to 12 years in a fun and simple way. 

The account is incredibly easy to open and it offers the stability and security needed to teach children to manage money. It also encourages them to save by offering attractive bonuses. nEo Destiny Savers save even more with fantastic discounts from the listed participating merchants.

First Citizens understands the importance of helping children to save and spend money wisely so that they will be better prepared for the transition from childhood into adulthood.

For further details of nEo Destiny, please see below.

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To make an appointment to open your nEo Destiny account, click on the Apply button below, visit any one of our branches or call 62-FIRST...

Features and Benefits of nEo Destiny:

  • For customers from birth to 12 years
  • No service fees to maintain account
  • Start with a deposit of TTD$50 or USD$20
  • Free Online Community. Visit
  • Have a minimum balance of TTD$100 or USD$100 for interest calculation
  • Daily withdrawal limit of TTD$3,000
  • Free nEo ATM card (no ATM card on US Accounts)
  • Eligible to win one of 5 Educational Awards of Achievement. Just submit your SEA results of the current year
  • Financial education programme targeted to both children and parents
  • Special Gift Certificates can be purchased and used as a deposit to the account
  • Free Online Banking and Telebanking (62-FIRST) Services
  • No service charges for drafts required for payments to educational institutions


Insured by the DIC Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago. (Up to $125,000)


New nEo Reward Program:

212 Location by Bang Bang (Aboutique Mall, Port of Spain and Falls of West Mall, West Moorings)

  • 10% of all purchases except sale items or already discounted items

Blaanix by Bang Bang( Aboutique Mall, Port of Spain and Falls of West Mall, West Moorings)

  • 10% of all purchases except sale items or already discounted items

Blugerass Ltd

  • 10% discount on all non-sale or already discounted items

Cache, Panache and Cache Bambinos

  • 10% off all purchases except sale items or already discounted items

Caribbean Jewellers Ltd

  • 10% off all purchases except repairs and cleaning

Funky Pets

  • 5% discount on purchases with the exception of dog food, bulk animal foods, livestock and already discounted items


  • 20% discount on all non discounted merchandise

R.I.K Book Store

  • 10% of all items with the exception of textbooks, school uniforms, magazines and items that are either already discounted or reduced.


  • 10% discount on purchases except sale items or already discounted items

Value Optical Ltd

  • Frames 20% discount
  • Lenses 10% discount
  • Contact Lenses 10% discount
  • Non RX sunglasses 10%

How to open a nEo Destiny Account?

The nEo Destiny account is a joint account between an Adult (Parent, Guardian, Aunt, Uncle, God Parent, Etc.) and a child.

To open the nEo account the Adult will have to present the following documents:

  • The child’s Birth Certificate (Additional Picture Identification for the child can also be presented)
  • Initial deposit TT$50.00 or US$20.00
  • Valid, National form of Identification for the adult
  • Proof of Residential Address for the adult
  • Proof of Income/Source of Deposits for the adult


(Click here for guidance on the acceptable forms of identification, proof of address and proof of income for the adult)



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  • efirst
  • Point of Sale Terminal
  • Classic Credit Card “Shopping”